Does this year make you even sadder?

Maybe I'm just another year older and another year wiser. Maybe I'm just more emotional due to Covid taking a toll on general social interactions and somehow there's a sense of mortality setting in. Anyway, I'm feeling sadder than usual about the football playoffs.

Sadder, or more frustrated. Why can't the Lions ever get in the playoffs? Why can't we dare hope that they can compete? Why are we the only team never to being in the Super Bowl? Why is our team always falling short?

I know there is a renewed sense of optimism with the new head coach. Yet, the results were again so bad. There still seem to be so many wholes on the roster.

There simply isn't much sense in believing next year will be a lot different.

I think the whole feeling is worse seeing Matthew Stafford take his new team one step closer to the Super Bowl. Was it the team, management, ownership, or the fans in Detroit that held him back all this time?

Yeah Matt! Way to go! Guess you're lucky to have gotten out of Detroit, eh?

This makes me sad, mad, and all the more frustrated!

There's a part of me that says winning isn't about always having the absolute best players at every position, but it's about playing the best as a team. Somehow someone rises to the occasion and the team wins.Wish that would happen in Detroit.

Let's see if something happens that says players want to play in Detroit to win. Will Tracy Walker re-sign? Will Charls Harris? Will we get several "difference makers" in this year's draft? Will Romeo Okwara, Jeff Okudah, Frank Ragnow, and maybe others return and be 100% for all of 2022? Or, what will go wrong again?

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