We already have our Cooper Kupp, when do we get our Matthew Stafford?

Look at the Rams and you may be see some of our future. Amen Ra IS Cooper Kupp. They are the type of player to pile up catch numbers but not as likely to accumulate deep pass catches. They are willing blockers, the hardest workers. Coaches love them because they are not divas, just the opposite. They hardly leave the field because they will play any spot if able like when Amen Ra played in the running back spot and played quite well there. Amen Ra like Cupp shows explosive play making ability at times but its not his general play. Amen Ra really stabilized the WR spot because before his emergence it was like the Wheel of Fortune, you never knew what you were going to get. We need deep speed on the other side of Amen Ra and there's some guys out there who fit. A speedy WR with Hockenson, and Amen Ra would be pretty ruthless.

Swift is Cam Akers, they are the speed backs capable of making big plays. Sony Michel is much like Jamaal Williams, they are much more of a power back lacking deep speed but really good at moving the chains. Overall the running back spot can be ignored unless there's a too good to pass up prospect. The running back room is quite solid.

The Lions offensive line may be stronger than that of the Rams. If they can keep this unit healthy it really could be one of the best in the league. A great line could be the foundation that could lead to success because even an above average QB can thrive behind a great line.

Speaking of QB, Goff is not Matt Stafford, but he could be effective behind the above mentioned line with some effective off season additions like a deep speed WR. We have seen the worst of Goff, who showed terror in the pocket, an over dependence on too few recievers and too many first read throws. We have yet to see the best of him but there were some interesting bouts of effectiveness. When he is confident he is a dangerous QB. I believe the Lions need to start drafting QBs likr lottery tickets until they find one. Take a shot at a guy like Malik Willis. A fast guy with a strong arm who could be something behind that line. Someone who could compete with Goff or at least be a backup.

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