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Notes: Detroit Lions voted least attractive fan base


Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

In an absolute sham of a survey, Detroit Lions fans were voted the least attractive in the entirety of the NFL. surveyed 908 sports fans, AKA a group of miserable people who hate Detroit, and asked fans “to call out the teams they felt had the most attractive followers.” Like on many stats sheets this season, the Lions came in dead last — only 2.1 percent of those surveyed say Detroit has the most attractive fans.

Detroit Lions vs Carolinia Panthers

Excuse me, are you telling me THIS isn’t attractive? Look at the material - that’s high quality kraft paper, made of the finest chemical pulp. (Didn’t think I’d be Googling how paper bags are made but here we are.)

I do think the survey might have been based on behaviors. They asked voters what behaviors they found unattractive — there were six behaviors:

  • Using vulgar language
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Being confrontational toward opposing fans
  • Engaging in traditions
  • Singing or group cheers
  • Competitiveness

The majority of voters—by nearly double—say each of those behaviors is attractive at a sporting event. But of the people who found them unattractive, the highest percentage said using vulgar language was the worst at 28.7%. That was followed by consuming alcohol at 23.8%.

Uhhhhh......prooooobably two things that happen a lot at Lions games. :-) If that’s the case, then:

Additionally, they asked these folks to pick the most attractive fan bases for all major leagues. Detroit Pistons fans came in second to last in the NBA survey, Detroit Tigers fans came in third to last in the MLB survey, and Detroit Red Wings fans came in fifth to last. Mmmmmmkay.

If you’re wondering, the winners of each survey were fans of the Atlanta Falcons, L.A. Lakers, Atlanta Braves, and L.A. Kings. Clearly this survey was full of Atlanta and L.A. fans that voted for themselves and I call shenanigans. Isn’t there some board to investigate such data?!

And onto the rest of your notes.

  • Here’s a palate cleanser — the Lions team released some new photos

  • The Lions are hosting a free locker room tour with Chris Spielman and Don Muhlbach, who will give their thoughts on what to expect for 2022. From the event page, it seems like it’s meant to get folks interested in season tickets, so if that sounds up your alley, you can register here.

  • Despite watching the Midwest Patriots idea implode, it seems the Raiders may be try their hand at becoming the Southwest Patriots anyway. The jokes are flying among Detroit media, including us.

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