Lion's Fan's, Please Limit Your Kool-Aid Intake

The Kool-Aid is sure flowing for many of you. Some think we are gonna magically be amongst the top teams next year and I'm here to tell you that is unlikely to happen. The NFC North looks very beatable if Rodgers leaves GB, but if that happens The North will be close to, if not the worst division in the NFL.

The Lions are still building and we should not expect then to win a bunch of games next season. We arent in a position salary cap wise, and Holmes and Co. have only had one draft. Theyll need minimum 2 drafts, and the 3rd year to allow these draft picks to develop, along with more cap space to see the drastic improvement we all want.

However, that does not mean we cant be surprised and good things cant happen.

Its pretty simple.

It is totally unfair to place unrealistic expectations on Holmes and Co. So long as the players are playing hard and they're showing they're developing physically, mentally, and technically, and we dont see bizarre gameplans and coaching miscues, we just have to wait. But again, it does not mean we cant be suprised.

But the kool-aid is flowing wayyyyy too much from some here. Its like they ordered 5 kegs of the blue kool-aid and headed to Joe Judges' house.

Take it easy on the kool-aid.

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