Understanding Goff's 2021 and thoughts for 2022

So coming into the 2021 season, I expected Goff to actually play well. I expected him to make up the gap left by Stafford. My reasoning for this was that Goff probably would be pissed after what happened with him and McVay and probably wanted to prove people wrong.

And the first 9 games of the season were a slap in the face. He just could not get anything going. He looked so inept that I was calling for Blough to be put in.

And then when he played against Chicago Thanksgiving he showed signs of competence that were missing in the first 9 games. Even though he could not get the win he was able to build off that and lead us to a victory the next week over the Vikings where he played the best game of the season at that point. He then kept building of these performances put up really good performances against the Cards and the Packers.

So what led to the turnaround? I think Goff came into the season just lacking confidence from the LA fallout. He just looked like a guy who just didn't want to be there. And I think this is why Dan Campbell taking over the play calling duties was such a genius move. We all remember when Campbell called out Jared Goff and said how he needed to step up. But we tend to forget the line he said after that. He also said that We needed to help him. So Campbell takes over the play calling and that results in him working with Jared Goff a lot more closely and we know the kind of personality Campbell. He is the exact guy who can pick up a guy when he is down and can't get anything right. With Campbell in his Goff starts gaining confidence and starts making throws more consistently down the stretch, especially with weapons that were worse than what he had at the beginning of the year. I mean by the end of the year all he had was Ra and Reynolds as Receivers.

So now I think Goff is lot more confident going into 2022. I expect him to build off this last stretch games he put together and start 2022 on fire. I think Campbell taking over the play calling may have helped saved Goff's career because if we can get that version of Jared Goff in December then we can end up on a deep playoff run especially with better weapons around him.

Which is why when it comes to OC I think Campbell should promote Ben Johnson to OC and keep play calling duties. I mean at least until Goff starts getting control of the offense which is bound to happen as he gains more confidence going forward.

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