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Detroit Lions 2022 schedule: Home, away opponents set

An early look at the 17 opponents set for the Detroit Lions’ 2022 season.

Houston Texans v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Though there is one more week left in the Detroit Lions’ 2021 season, it’s just about time to start looking forward to the 2022 year. Where’s the first place to look? The schedule, of course.

After all of Week 17’s results, the 17 opponents for the Detroit Lions’ 2022 schedule have been set in stone. Next season, the Lions are set to play all of the teams in the NFC East, all of the teams in the AFC East, and the teams that finished in last place in the other NFC divisions. As for the rotation of the newly-added 17th game on the schedule, the Lions will host the last-place team in the AFC South, which happens to be last-place Jacksonville Jaguars.

Although there is one more week to determine standings across the NFL, all of the positions relevant to the Lions’ 2022 schedule were determined by the of Sunday’s results. Here’s a look at Detroit’s 2022 opponents.

Detroit Lions 2022 opponents:



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