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The low-point for the Lions comes early

If there’s a way to get worse than this, it’s gonna take some demented creativity

NFL: Detroit Lions at New England Patriots Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

There is a crater left by the impact of the Detroit Lions following their Week 5 shutout to the New England Patriots. It is quite similar in shape to what happened the prior week, where they gave up 48 points to the Seattle Seahawks; but very, very different as well. It’s two different, but complimentary, flavors of dread.

Now fear and loathing have returned to Detroit. Nobody likes nobody with this team. Getting stomped in this manner has a way of changing opinions for eternity. We are watching another new generation of Lions fans indoctrinated to just how badly things can get, just how depraved and ugly and depressing this whole matter can be. No excuse, not even “rebuilding” or “injuries,” can fully erase the shame of this loss.

I suppose we should try to talk through it. Group therapy, things of that nature.

On the latest Pride of Detroit PODcast, we try to understand what happened. Some of us are frustrated. Some are mad. Some are just engaged in gallows humor because what else can you bloody well do at this point? I suppose we try to make sense of it too, as much sense as you can find in Michigan this time of year.

This one has a lot of emotions to it, but it’s warranted. We need to get them out, because this is not a good year.

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