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Detroit Lions Week 6 Bye Week Madden simulation

The Detroit Lions are not playing this week, but the virtual Lions will, and YOUR VOTE decides what we do in this week’s Madden simulation.

It’s the bye week for the Detroit Lions, and even though we could all use a break from Lions football after their frustrating 1-4 start, I still find myself bored on a Saturday morning yearning for some NFL action.

Typically on Saturday mornings at 10:30 a.m. ET, we’d fire up Madden 23 and let the computers simulate Sunday’s game, matching up the lineups with our best guesses based on the injury report. Obviously, with no Lions game on Sunday to replicate, that leaves us in a pickle when it comes to this week’s Madden simulation.

But that won’t stop me from providing y’all with 90 minutes of what could be very loosely described as entertainment. So I have come up with three different possibilities on how we’ll run this week’s Madden sim. Your vote (via Twitter) will decide what we do.

Scenario #1: No injury mode

We bring everyone on the Lions back from injury—including those who haven’t even played yet. Levi Onwuzurike: You’re in. Tracy Walker: You’ve got a perfect Achilles now—same with you Romeo Okwara.

Oh, and are you sick and tired of waiting for Jameson Williams’ return? Well, if you pick this option, he’ll make his Madden Sim debut, because we’re going to make every single player available, and see if a fully-healthy Lions team would be able to compete better than we’ve seen.

Scenario #2: We fix the defense with the 4-5 best defensive players in the league

We’re all sick of watching this defense fail to force any punts and give up over 35 points per game. So if y’all choose this scenario, we’re going to stack the Lions roster with the best defensive players in the NFL. According to Madden’s current ratings, we’re talking about adding players like Aaron Donald (99), Myles Garrett (99), Jalen Ramsey (97), T.J. Watt (97), and Fred Warner (95).

Will that be enough to carry the Lions to a win? Vote for this option, if you’d like to find out.

Scenario #3: We play Power Wash Simulator instead

If you need a break from the Lions so bad that you don’t even want to watch the virtual version of the team, I’ll buy Power Wash Simulator — a very real game — and satisfyingly clean a bunch of surfaces while answering your questions about anything, whether it’s Lions related or not.

I am tallying votes on the Twitter post here, so if you want to make your voice heard, vote on the post below:

Here’s how you can watch and participate in this week’s Madden (?) simulation:

What: Lions Bye Week simulation
When: Saturday, October 15 — 10:30 a.m. ET
Where: Our Twitch channel — (or watch below)

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