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Buy these iconic Detroit Lions throwback STARTER jackets

Be one of the first fans to buy these iconic Detroit Lions STARTER jackets

Throwback sports gear never goes out of style, and that is especially true of the iconic NFL STARTER jackets that were extremely popular in the 1980s and 1990s. If you were a serious Detroit Lions fan during that era, chances are you had (or wanted) a STARTER jacket.

Last year, our friends at HOMAGE released a series of STARTER jackets to bring back that nostalgia of the 90s—you know, when the Lions were actually decent. But if you hesitated, you probably missed your chance because they sold out quickly.

Thankfully, they are re-releasing the STARTER jackets on Wednesday, and Pride of Detroit readers can get them RIGHT NOW before they officially drop later this afternoon.

These jackets include all the classic details of the original: full-snap buttons, slip pockets, elbow stripes and the essential custom interior patch, paying homage to one of the greatest eras of Lions style. And, yeah, you better believe it includes that awesome circus font that just screams Barry Sanders era.

But enough talk, check them out:


Like I said, these don’t officially go on sale until Wednesday afternoon, but with that link above, you can get early access before they sell out again. These jackets are some of the most requested Lions swag among fans, so don’t wait too long, whether it’s for yourself or it’s some early holiday shopping for the loved Lions fan in your life.

HOMAGE also offers fully-licensed NFL apparel for all NFL teams, so take a look around the website if you know someone who is a fan of another, lesser football team.

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