Hello,it's me--Said Todd Rundgren

Greetings fellow Lions fans, yes it's me. Like Douglas MacArthur, I have returned.

A fellow poster was kind enough to ask where I was and what I am doing. I am fine, living my life. I haven't posted here in a while as I felt it was pointless. Meaning, I spent a lot of time putting up what I felt to be the truth about this organization and the response I got most of the time was "your an idiot" or "you are crazy" or some other such thing. I felt I was not doing anything but banging my head against the Dan Campbell great wall of China here and so I moved on. The poster asked if I was embarrassed? Why would I be embarrassed? Dan the man has done nothing but proved my posts to be right and my opinion of him to be correct. My Nostradamus skills are dead on. Now, I could of come on here with a big "Told you so!" post after that loss to the Vikings, or after that Waterloo-sized disaster Dapper Dan orchestrated today, but I won't do that because everyone here is good people and they just want the Lions to win. So that would be a pretty classless move on my part. I spend my time now on a website called "bustin' kneecaps" on Facebook, where there is a little bit more freedom to be critical of the current coaching staff and you are not required to worship at the alter of Dan Campbell. I thought though, that I would put up one last post for the good old days!

After Disco Dan and his cast of idiots blew the Vikings game, which was a very important division match, with his "HUH?" decision to go for the field goal allowing the Vikings to win, I figured Bill Walsh...err excuse me Dan Campbell has cemented his stranglehold on "worst coach in the NFL" but I was wrong. I sat today watching our fearless leader blow what should of been an easy win against a horrible Seahawks team. The simple reason? His Defensive coordinator might be more of a village idiot than Danny boy, if that's possible. (no, it's not haha). But Vince Lombardi...Darn I did it again, Dan Campbell just stuck with him through this China syndrome sized meltdown and even backed him up in the presser after the game. The REAL problem according to Dapper Dan? Goff's pick six. Everyone who believes that' stand up. LOL . I'm not sure where his kneecap count is at right now, but it's not winning him any football games. i have never seen a game where a team did not punt ! Holy cow we made Geno look like Dan Fouts circa 1980 out there.

So we go into the bye week 1-3 easily could of been 0-4. Look at who is coming up--Miami, Dallas, New England..some teams with a pulse. I am not seeing a lot of W's coming our way. So, in honor of this, I am going to say Dan the man has us on the road to being the worst team ever under his brilliant leadership! Remember the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Regarded the worst NFL team ever? Dan is getting us close to that territory! 4-15-1 in two seasons! I have posted a link to the 70's Buccaneers fight song.. Hey Hey! Tampa bay! I hope we can all sing along as The Lions pile up more losses!! Everybody!

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