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Join us to break down a collapse on our Lions-Cowboys postgame show

Join us live on Twitch for immediate reactions and postgame sound.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Let’s put this game to bed. The Lions and Cowboys played a whole lot of minutes, and the Lions made sure to fill those minutes with detonation after detonation as the offense flew off into the sky in the most cartoon possible way.

You can be part of the postgame therapy—and they have been described as therapy by our viewers, and passable therapy at that. We’re going live on Twitch as part of our Pride Of Detroit postgame stream and podcast. We’ll take questions from chat and from call-ins via Discord, listen to postgame show from Dan Campbell and key players, and of course deliver our first initial thoughts on what just happened on the field.

We have a call-in segment to our show. Join the Pride of Detroit Discord and join the stage for postgame, and when the host calls on you, use the raise hand feature and we’ll try to add you to the show with your thoughts.

If you missed any of the postgame show, video will be on demand on Twitch soon after. Plus, the Pride of Detroit podcast feed will have our postgame thoughts packaged in audio format for you.

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