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Can the Lions defense find a fix for this season?

A whole lot of questions were raised after Detroit forfeited 48 points

Cincinnati Bengals v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

We suspected the Detroit Lions defense was going to be bad in 2022: this unit was projected to be one of the worst in the league, tracking with how things had panned out the prior season. That all is said and good, but nobody expected the defense to be so bad that 48 points would be forfeited to Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks.

We’d love to say this was a game of back-and-forth, and that things were close by the end; but it never felt that way. The Lions were always out of reach. When they needed a break from the defense, it never came. Seattle never punted.

The aftermath of Sunday’s tilt has left the Lions reeling for answers, fans angry and voices loud and screeching. Who is going to take the blame for all of this? More importantly, is there any fix on the horizon that could possibly help the Lions salvage some pride, perchance even a hope at improvement?

On this episode of the Pride of Detroit PODcast, we comb through the debris and try to figure out just what went wrong: how much this game can be blamed on just lackluster performances from individual personnel, and how much is in the hands of defensive playcalling, the aggression and blitzing that could not stymie Seattle.

With the New England Patriots looming, we press the question: is there anything the Lions can do to get things patched up before Sunday? All this and more on the latest PODcast. Thank you for your support.

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