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Lions vs. Dolphins recap: Is talent, scheme or coaching to blame for Detroit’s familiar struggles?

Fans may want to see a change in defensive playcalling but the truth is less easy

Cincinnati Bengals v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

It’s not hard to figure out where the frustration is mounting for many Detroit Lions fans. With the byword being “progress” before the season, it’s mind-crushing to see the Lions falter to the same mistakes and the same “almost”s and “nearly there”s that plagued the 2021 season. So far through the first seven games of 2022, it’s the second verse, same as the first.

That’s also true of the defense, to whom the words “tale of two halves” didn’t apply as they remained thoroughly anemic in both against the Miami Dolphins. While there’s more and more calls for a shakeup in how things work, the solution to the matter may not be as simple as replacing key coaching personnel or switching up playcalling or schematic philosophies. Sometimes, the groceries you got are the groceries you got, and you’re not going to make ratatouille with six boxes of Kraft dinner.

On this week’s PODcast, we examine what went wrong against the Miami Dolphins, with deep dives on both the offense and defense. As warranted, we do speak about the defense’s struggles and why it may be more personnel than scheme, but we also want to take some time to parse the struggles of the offense—prolific, perhaps, but now with three second halves of games where they fail to score. Very puzzling. Very infuriating.

Let’s chat it up.

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