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VIDEO: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Madden 23 simulation

Come watch as we see the virtual Detroit Lions take on the virtual Chicago Bears in our Week 10 Madden simulation.

The Detroit Lions finally bucked the trend of Madden Sim losses on Sunday. Our weekly simulations on Madden 23 had correctly predicted the outcome in every game leading up to the Miami Dolphins game. It boldly predicted a Lions win against Tua and company, but despite holding a lead for much of the game, the real Lions couldn’t hold on.

But last week, the real Lions got their revenge. After Madden predicted a pretty lopsided victory for the Green Bay Packers, the Lions—for the first time all season—notched a win when Madden thought otherwise.

Now that Madden has missed two weeks in a row, anything is possible this Saturday, as we simulate Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears. Interestingly enough, both teams are rated 75 overall, meaning we could be in for an evenly-matched game.

If you’ve never joined our Madden sims, here’s how it works. I’ll fire up the game on our Twitch channel, adjust the lineups according to the latest injury reports, the viewers will make wagers on the game outcome, and we’ll just watch the game unfold. Throughout the 90-minute session, I’ll narrate the action and answer any of the questions you may have about the Lions or anything else.

This stream is also part of our Movember campaign, where we are raising money for the Alzheimer's Association. During the stream, you’ll be able to donate money to the charity, which can be used to write certain phrases on my face, turn me into a cat, change my virtual background or spin the Wheel of Pain. For more information on our Movember campaign click here.

Here’s how and when you can join us on Saturday morning:

What: Lions vs. Bears Madden sim + Q&A session
When: Saturday, November 12 — 10:30 a.m. ET
Where: Our Twitch channel — (or watch below)

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