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Join the POD postgame show for celebration and instant analysis

Chicago is buried and Dan Campbell is streaking.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

This was going to be the celebration for Justin Fields! Right? Right? Everyone wanted it, everyone on the Fox broadcast, your Twitter feed, all of Chicagoland and the rest. And Fields inflicted his own damage on the Lions in a hell of way. But two sacks at the end were enough to bury any hope for a Bears charge, and the Lions have now won two straight games for the first time in the Dan Campbell regime.

Let’s break it all down on the Pride of Detroit postgame stream. We’re packaging it as a small podcast, while also giving you a chance for Q&A on the game that just happened, what comes next, plus postgame sound and instant analysis.

Oh yeah, it’s also a celebration too

If you missed any of the postgame show, video will be on demand on Twitch soon after. Plus, the Pride of Detroit podcast feed will have our postgame thoughts packaged in audio format for you.