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The Detroit Lions’ young core continues to grow

Breaking down more flashes of promise for a team on the mend

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Lions make it two in a row and hang the head of a second NFC North rival. This was the big ol’ party for Justin Fields, crashed even as he managed to put numbers up on the Lions defense. It all wasn’t enough, and the Lions persevered and pushed through to take the win.

We’re breaking it all down on the latest Pride of Detroit PODcast. The Detroit Lions certainly didn’t play a perfect game against the Chicago Bears, but they made the big plays where they needed to; they didn’t need a perfect game out of Jared Goff, just a good quarter. They took in some big plays from Jeff Okudah, overcoming trouble to spy Fields’ on the ground.

It’s the kind of games that injects a little more faith in the trajectory of the team: one that sees progress for the young guns on the field, to execute and to seal the deal. To do it against Chicago might just be the icing on that very humble cake.

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