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Join the POD Lions-Giants postgame show

The Lions have won 3 straight since...I can’t even remember anymore man.

Detroit Lions v New York Giants Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Well how about this.

We’ll probably have to dissect somehow this turnaround in this Detroit Lions season. A squad that looked dead, absolutely crushed, just a month ago have found their groove in three straight victories.

Jamaal Williams is going up in the record books, and we’re cranking up the Pride of Detroit postgame show. It’s part celebration, part analysis, a whole lot of postgame sound from coaches and key players and 100% your daily intake of vibes.

We have it for you on our Twitch channel, and it’s another chance to give during Movember.

If you missed any of the postgame show, not to worry. The video will be on demand on Twitch soon after. Plus, the Pride of Detroit podcast feed will have our postgame thoughts packaged in audio format for you, condensed to a quick instant reaction from our crew for your ears, available Sunday evening.