Buffalo, the other white meat; What better to feast on, on Thanksgiving!

Ok, I admit Buffalo is a red meat really, but I've had it grilled and it can look sort of off white gray - really!

It was a statement game to play New York, a 7-2 team, and beat them. Not only did the Lions win, they took charge of the game and put it away early. There's definitely reason for hope that Buffalo can be beat too.

Josh Allen's elbow might still not be 100%. The passing game wasn't really tested this week against Cleveland. Allen ended the day 18-27 for just 197 yards. The rushing tandem of Singleton and Cook were the primary yardage gainers; each picked up 86 yards on the day. Allen was held to just 7 yards on rushes.

Their game against Cleveland was a seesaw battle. Jacoby Brissett filling in until DeShaun Watson is allowed to step in passed for 324 yards on 28 of 41 pass attempts. Kareem Hunt managed just 32 yards on 5 attempts while Brissett gained 29 yards on 7 attempts. Lead running back Nick Chubb gained just 19 yards on 14 carries.

Based on this it looks like the Lions work is cut out for them to break through the Bill's defense and establish their running game. I hope that the offensive line is up to the task despite having Evan Brown go down during the Giant's game with an ankle injury. Hopefully he can return, or perhaps we'll see Dan Skipper playing at right guard. In either case, the Lions OL needs to create holes to keep their ground game rolling.

It sounds as though we won't get to see Jameson Williams just yet. DJ Chark, who was activated prior to the Giants game, might be more of a participant though. St Brown is remaining productive, but hasn't had as big a game since losing a consistent deep threat, and perhaps feels some impact from the loss of TJ Hockenson. I will look forward to seeing how Ben Johnson develops the game plan to attack the Bills with a balanced attack.

Will Jeff Okudah be cleared of the concussion protocols? That is a story to watch over the next few days leading up to TG. Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis, and Dawson Knox are a formidable trio of receivers for the Bills.

It seems to me based on the most recent evidence that the defense is starting to come together and is making the biggest difference in the game results. Joseph, Okudah, Hutchinson, McNeill, Rodriguez, Barnes, and Jacobs might represent the two wings, two legs, the breast, and the gizzard! Wings fly, right? Legs are big and strong on a turkey. The breast has two sides. The gizzard well it gives the crunch! As the younger members of the D they are still cooking and developing, but I don't mean to imply that they should play like turkeys, quite the contrary.

I feel remiss in not mentioning the rest of the good fixens. Cranberry sauce W Harris; Gravy Elliott got us covered. Stuffing Buggs, seems appropriate because he's a big boy. Mashed potatoes Cominsky because he's whipping his opponents. Green Bean Casserole Anzalone because it's a recipe that just seems to always be a part of the tradition, right! Dan Campbell is the grand pumpkin pie guy in all of this.

If the fantastic tale can come true in 2022; a wondrous win might come from the Honolulu blue! On this Thanksgiving Day, the Lions' might show us a way, to happiness and joy, oh boy oh boy!

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