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Lions vs. Giants recap podcast: Yes, it’s OK to start talking playoffs

Our recap of the Detroit Lions’ win over the New York Giants, and dipping our toe into the NFC playoff picture.

NFL: Detroit Lions at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Three straight wins have completely changed the mood and vibe of the 2022 Detroit Lions season and transformed a Thanksgiving showdown with the Buffalo Bills from a virtual bloodbath to a meaningful tilt.

When we talk about sports being unscripted, chalk this one up.

The Lions found their victory over the New York Giants propelled by performances from Aidan Hutchinson and Alim McNeill and other young guns, and it’s on their hands that the rest of the season is set to rise or fall.

On the latest Pride of Detroit PODcast, we’re breaking down what happened in the Meadowlands, examining how the Lions stuffed the Giants offense into a locker and how Dan Campbell’s managed to elude his critics from a month ago.

It’s also not quite as crazy as it used to be to talk about playoffs. At a mere 4-6, the NFC is surprisingly open for the Detroit Lions, and we’re checking out scenarios, possibilities and schedules. While it remains an outside shot, it’s proof of one thing: the Lions have a real shot to be playing meaningful football in late November and December. When was the last time fans could say that about Detroit? A long time, certainly.

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Can the Lions ride momentum into the playoffs? Breaking down some scenarios