Dan Skipper: Hybrid LG / TE

Dan Skipper: He's been in the League some 6 years, and been with 6 teams in that time (8 if you count the 3 terms with the Lions as different times). 8 times, teams have looked at him and seen something that could be special. Special enough to bring him on board. In the Lions' case, the current time brought him to a team loaded with league leading Offensive Line talent. Somehow, he's never shown more than decent talent with top notch potential (as a Tackle).

Then circumstance provided a need at Left Guard and with his having never before played the position of Guard, he replaced Jackson - then performed like a Pro-Bowler. Suddenly his potential to be special became reality. Which one would attribute to his natural talent being better suited to Guard than Tackle, and in particular Left Guard for whatever reason. I would think that his footwork just isn't a league leading talent at Tackle, pass-blocking as the outside defender. Cover him up with a Tackle, with a Center on his right, and suddenly he realizes his potential.

He's 6' 9" and 330 pounds. Nobody is going through him. Around him, maybe. but not through him. Give him a couple steps unmolested and he'll send someone ass over applecart backward. The Jumbo set outside tight end that pulls and blows out a defender to the other side looks great. But it puts him on the outside where his performance within a whole range of plays that involves outside pull back blocking limits the options and tees off the opposing defense as to the most likely play to happen.

For some reason his performance at Right Guard against the Giants was acceptable, but not spectacular or special. So I think stick him at Left Guard and move the LG to RG. Also I like a Left Side Jumbo set where an additional Guard comes in at LG, Skip moves to TE outside the LT, and you cover him up with an actual TE. So MANY options then. Run block while covered up, pull the RT to go short side and Skip is still covered up to pass or run block, pull Skip to either side as a blocker with a full head of steam, or ... send him on a slant as a receiver if everyone else is well defended. He's 6' 9", with a very wide wingspan. Which puts him a full foot above anyone defending him. Just loft it on an arc dropping to about 10' above the ground above Skip, and a defender has to have a vertical jump of a full foot or more better than Skip to even have a chance to interfere with the catch. Goff doesn't have to throw it hard, just loft it - reducing the chance of a block or tip - and let Skip take it down. Then they better have 2 or even 3 back field defenders nearby if they want to take him down.

Besides - how fun would it be to see the Skipper Skip touchdown celebration? Plus there's a song that goes with it - 'Bad, Bad, Dan Skipper - Biggest man in Old Detroit Town - Bigger than Old King Kong - and meaner than a JunkYard Dog'! Go bite their kneecaps off Dan. Football should be fun too.

Which brings to mind - if Skip pulls to run block - then blows a defender out which allows the running back to go vertical up the field - then follows after the ball carrier - and the ball carrier gets held up outside the end zone - and Skip comes in to bear hug the ball carrier to force him into the end zone - and the ball carriers' feet aren't actually on the ground when the ball crosses the plane - who gets credit for the touchdown? The ball carrier or the guy who was carrying the ball carrier? I guess as long as Skip doesn't spike the running back it's all good either way. LOL.

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