It's Been A Long Time...

It's been a long time since I posted, but it has been even longer since the Lions were in the playoff picture going into the Thanksgiving Day game too. So I was looking at how things would shake out, and the Lions have more of a chance than most would think.

The Lions remaining games are: Vs BUF, Vs JAX, Vs MIN, At NYJ, At CAR, Vs CHI, At GB. If the Lions continue to play as they have been, I would expect at most two losses here. That would put us at 9-8, and if we can manage to get that offense clicking just a little bit more, with JaMo, Chark, maybe Reynolds back.... Look out! At that point the Lions could actually pull off a 10 win season.

Now lets look at the three most likely teams they would have to beat out for a wildcard birth. The Seahawks, 49ers, and Giants.

The Seahawks play: Vs LV, At LAR, Vs CAR, Vs SF, At KC, Vs NYJ, Vs LAR. So here is the bad news, I see them winning a minimum of 4 games, putting them at 10 wins, and they own the head to head tie breaker. Not likely to beat these guys out in seeding.

The 49ers play: Vs NO, Vs MIA, Vs TB, At SEA, Vs WAS, At LV, Vs AZ. I also see a minimum of 4 wins here, if not 5, for them to finish 10 or 11 wins. I don't even want to think of the tie breakers here but lets just put this as a coin toss, but not likely to happen.

The Giants play: At DAL, Vs WAS, Vs PHI, At WAS, At MIN, Vs IND, At PHI. Good news boys, I can see the Giants not winning a game for the rest of the year. However, even if they do win some, they would have to win more than two of these games if the Lions can do what I think they can do, with two losses, both teams would be 9-8 and the Lions would own the head to head (which I believe is the first tie breaker). I would say chances are pretty damn good that this scenario can play out.

The real irony of this is that it is most likely the Lions would play PHI, DAL, or MIN, all teams they have a beef against this year. If it ended up being MIN it would be super interesting, since the Lions conditional pick they give to the Vikings goes from a round 4 to a round 5 if the Vikings win a playoff game. So even if the Lions lost, they would still get a consolation prize.

I may never get the opportunity to write something like this in my life again, so I figured I better enjoy it while I can. However, I do strongly believe in Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes both. I always have, I don't even need them to make this kind of run to see the progress. I did not need the three game win streak, but heck, it sure did not hurt any. I know there is not much hope against Buffalo this week, according to pundits and so called experts, but I am not going to sell the Lions short either. We are at home, and the crowd is going to be insane. Josh Allen has a penchant for turnovers, ironically similar to Jared Goff. Whoever can play a cleaner game and make some big throws without the turnovers is going to win this game, and Jared has more than a chance than people may think.

This is an opportunity, a win this week could change the narrative for so many on the Lions. MCDC, Goff, AG, and many others including Sheila Hamp. But for those three, this game could literally be a defining moment in their careers. All eyes on us, the national stage, it just does not get any bigger than this.

But other than being a prime time game, which the Bills get all the time, what does this game mean to them? I am not so sure they have momentum in their favor. Even the odds makers are not giving the Lions any respect and you can see that it pisses this team off. Just look at some of the comments Goff made in his media availability. No one talks about the Lions offense. Even now, with the Lions defense playing at a respectable 11th DVOA the offense is still better statistically, but no respect.

I am not sure if our Rodney Dangerfield Lions of the NFL can pull this off, but I sure would bet on them to cover against that ridiculous spread if I were a betting man. At minimum I expect this to be a one score game, and you never know, maybe our Lions go hunt, maybe they eat, maybe they take another step toward respectability in the NFL...

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