With 20/20 Hindsight, Here is What We Need to Learn

The long third-down pass play probably doomed the Lions to the loss. Managing the clock should be just as important, if not more so than, being crafty and taking risks. Managing the clock should be job numero uno.

Knowing how to execute to keep possession of the ball, stop the clock fast, and score are all essential elements of winning. We didn't do any of the three at the end of the game, when it's most important. That falls on the coaches.

A) We should have gotten the first down - with the highest confidence play possible;

B) Failing to get the first down, meant clock management was even more imperative to make certain the field goal was the last play of the game;

C) Of course, making every field goal within 40 yards is essential, too;

D) If you get the first down, you now have three tries to score a TD, not just one;

E) If you work the clock down to just two or three seconds you don't give the other team a chance to rally like they did;

F) On the kick-off more time could have been used up by making a short kick and requiring the team to return the ball - it's a lower probability of a return TD than having an All-Pro QB do you in.

All of this has to be learned and coached. How to stop the clock by spiking the ball, how to make the right call to get a short yardage first down, how to run a play faster at the closing moments of a game to stop the clock or to run an unexpected play, and knowing how to run three pass plays within 20 seconds has to be rehearsed.

Winning often comes down to the final 30 seconds of a game. Winning this type of game is on the kicker and on the coaches. I think we're so close to being a really good team, so please learn this.

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