Reasons for Optimism

1. Jared Goff might be a long term answer at QB.

Ok. So he's not Josh Allen. He can't extend plays and run like Allen, Mahomes, and the other upper echelon mobile QB's in the NFL like Hurts and Jackson. Still, JG looks like a very capable and experienced distributor and orchestrator in this Ben Johnson offense.

I think that they stick with Goff because he is too much of a known quantity / quality.

If we improve the defense and WR / TE position, then, along with our good OL, Goff can win here.

2. Supposing we stick with Goff.

Then, whoa, look at all of the draft capital that we have to continue to build this defense ! We can start loading up on speed linebackers, IDL monsters, and especially corners. We might only need around three quality defensive starters in order to elevate this defense and make the Lions into a playoff caliber team !

3. Look at the 2023 draft !

It is loaded with potential starters at exactly the spots the Lions need help !

We could add a Noah Sewell at LB in the first round. He is the do everything LB that can come in an start alongside Rodrigo and instantly help the run defense overall and more specifically, stop the run of mobile QB's against us.

There is also the possibility of adding a player like Jalen Carter the super disruptive IDL monster from Georgia with our first first round pick.

We could then add a player like Jaxon Smith Njigba at WR with our other first round pick. JSN plays a lot like Amon Ra St. Brown, except that, he has elite jets ! Teaming him up with Jamo and Amon Ra gives us a truly electric complement of receivers for Jared Goff / Ben Johnson to work with.

We would still have 3 picks in the top 75 of the draft to add talent to our secondary !

4. The coaching staff is right now gaining valuable experience.

Look. We all knew that as qualified as coaches like Dan Campbell, Aaron Glen, and Ben Johnson are, that they lacked real-time, in-NFL-game, experience when they stepped up into their jobs.

This is becoming less and less of a case as these coaches gain experience.

The coaches have earned high marks so far for changing the culture and will only continue to get better along with the development of the Lions roster.

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