Alex Anzalone, missed another tackle

Josh Allen is a QB right? He is a pretty good runner too, but he is a QB. Did you see the move he put on Anzalone for the rushing touchdown?

That just doesn't seem like it should happen for a LB1. I've read repeatedly that Anzalone misses tackles, and when I saw that play on national TV, I was really surprised by how badly he missed the tackle.

Anyone else mystified by this?

I have in general really defended him while reading about so much negative press about him. Yet, that play in a crucial game, really shocked me.

I have agreed with Brad Holmes that linebackers are not a premier value position, but it might be time to pick a strong LB in the second round to shore this position up for good. Barnes, Rodriguez, and other back-ups are good, but we really need a prime time LB1 in my opinion.

Sorry, Alex, that play just didn't cut it. Keep playing hard. Keep being an inspiring leader. Keep doing your best. I just don't think you can remain the LB1.

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