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NFL Week 12 TV map: Which games Detroit Lions fans can watch on the mini-bye

A look at which NFL Week 12 games will be playing locally for Detroit Lions fans on Sunday.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions are on what players and coaches like to refer to as a mini-bye. After playing on Thursday, everyone is basically off until returning to a normal work week on Monday, giving players a rare three-day rest period after cramming three games into an 11-day period.

It’s also a nice reprieve for Lions fans. Though the team is coming off a red-hot November resulting in a 3-1 record over four weeks, Thursday’s loss against the Buffalo Bills was a tough pill to swallow when they were so close to pulling off the upset and their first 4-0 November in 60 years.

So Sunday will be a nice opportunity to either leave the football behind, sober up if you’re a Michigan fan, or just be a complete slob and sit on the couch to watch football from 1 p.m. ET to 11:30 p.m. ET. (I use the term “slob” affectionately. That’s all I want to do on Sunday).

Of course, unless you have Red Zone or Sunday Ticket, you will be limited in the football you’ll be able to watch. So here’s a look at what you’ll be treated to based on your location in America. (If you’re not living in America, please just check your local listings.)

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1 p.m. ET games (FOX)

Lions fans still clinging to playoff hopes are probably most interested in Falcons vs. Commanders, but the local game in Detroit will be Bears vs. Jets, instead. That’s likely due to the divisional ties with Chicago, but it could also be an opportunity to do some early scouting of the Jets—Detroit’s Week 15 opponent. Still, with it looking like Justin Fields may sit this game out, it doesn’t promise to be a very entertaining game.

1 p.m. ET games (CBS)

You’ll only get one CBS game on Sunday no matter where you live, but in Detroit, you’ll get an early game: Bengals vs. Titans. That’s easily the “best” game amongst CBS’ slate, but it doesn’t bring much local appeal in terms of playoff race nor draft pick watch. Seahawks vs. Raiders brings a little of both, so it may be more fun to scoreboard watch that game.

4 p.m. ET slate (FOX)

Poor, FOX. They probably thought they had it made with Patrick Mahomes vs. Matthew Stafford. The returning Super Bowl champs vs. the always-dangerous Chiefs!

Unfortunately for them—but very fortunately for the Lions—the Rams have tanked. And to make matters worse for Los Angeles, Matthew Stafford is dealing with a neck injury that has caused some numbness in his legs and has already been declared out.

Lions fans will easily be rooting for a Chiefs win in that game, but the other late FOX matchup is more important for playoff sake. The Saints share the Lions’ 4-7 record while the 49ers, though currently leading their division at 6-4, could be someone Detroit could theoretically catch in a Wild Card race.

Sunday Night Football — 8:20 p.m. ET — Packers vs. Eagles

A Green Bay loss may seal their fate for good, as they’d have to run the table at 4-8 to even have a shot at the postseason. Watching the Packers’ season officially die in November would certainly be a nice treat.