If we land pick # 2 and the Texans pass on trading down is this our best option?

I have been in the camp that has been mixed on Goff and all for an upgrade but with it looking likely we could land pick #2 from the Rams and the Texans likely take a QB and pass on a trade down we could get a heck of an offer. We know how good Holmes is with most of his picks especially alter rounds has me salivating at the mouth thinking what he could do with all the extra selections and this gives Goff a fairer shot with more weapons healthy and a better team around him and us more of an opportunity at a better QB class in 2024 or take some to develop behind him later on. You also never know the team we trade with could falter and end up in the top 5 just like the Rams. It's not supposed to happen but you can never account for injuries in the NFL and upsets just look how savvy the Eagle's look right now making that trade with the Saints last year so we could in theory have another good shot at an even better QB in 2024 if there is still a need while having a more complete team.

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