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Detroit Lions Week 8 Song of the Game: ‘Miami’ by Will Smith

This song sucks—and so did this game.

Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Before you hit the comment section, hear me out: choosing the song “Miami” by Will Smith isn’t to be taken literally. I’m well aware the Week 8 matchup between the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins was held at Ford Field. Instead of a conventional listen, try catching it from this angle: this song sucks, and so did the game! Voila!

Detroit Lions Week 8 Song of the Game: “Miami” by Will Smith

¡Ay papi!

Women can be heard throughout the track shouting things to Will Smith and his entourage of friends as they gallivant around Miami. It’s so hot in Miami—according to Will it’s something like 500 degrees—the women just cry out “¡Ay papi!” Do you get it, though? People can find the heat to be so unbearable that it will cause them to just cry out. You know what else was hot on Sunday and had me crying out loud? Miami’s passing offense.

On the surface, “Miami” seems like a song that’s harmless enough. It’s just a little over three minutes of Will Smith and friends looking to get into some fun down on South Beach. However, after the first verse and chorus, it spins itself into song that has nothing else to add. There’s nothing different that Will does to describe Miami after the first verse that’s different than what’s already been said—other than a random line about seeing Sylvester Stallone in the club.

The Lions were 1-5 heading into this matchup with the Dolphins. Playing at home, Detroit had its offense humming in the first half, scoring points in bunches and not once punting the football. But Detroit’s second half on offense was as forgettable as the rest of stuff Will had to say about Miami after that first verse—but there was an appearance from Calvin Johnson at Ford Field!

Whatever, “Miami” is a dumb song that has nothing to say. This has been one dumb season for the Lions and watching the defense have no answer for an opposing offense for yet another week didn’t compel me to find the perfect track to relate my feelings on this game. Instead, I chose one of the most worthless and disposable songs for another no-good game from Detroit.

Bienvenidos a Miami

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