Goff is not the future but who is?

Why isn't Goff the future?

Goff is a one read QB. Goff played a solid game against the Bills though he got lucky that a sure interception was dropped. The key play in the game where Goff inexplicably went deep to Chark had 2 better and easier options in Zylstra and St Brown. A QB who has proven he can't hit deep shots decided pre snap to pass on St Brown, our best and most reliable receiver to play hero ball. I can see Goff thinking if I hit a deep shot to win the game on national TV I'll be on sport center as a hero. Goff in the biggest moments finds a way to come up small.

Goff is fragile, why else would Holmes bring in a procession of losers to be backups. There should've been a QB drafted to be a backup or a developmental player.

Goff has no strengths. I have asked Goff's most ardent supporters to name his strengths and I get crickets. Gotf does not strike me as a smart QB, he does not have a strong arm, he's not mobile, he is not a leader. Truthfully, Goff does have some strengths, he is not egotistical, he's pretty even tempered, not a problem child which are nice but don't win games.

If not Goff, who? If the Lions can get Bryce Young without trading up then they should. Alabama QBs have a good success rate and Young looks to be the best. He strikes me as a Joe Montana type with great leadership skills and is a good athlete. He is short and light which is why the Lions need to draft some guards. If Young is not available then why not draft a developmental QB like Anthony Richardson. He is raw but has tons of physical talent. There will be a QB that kills the combine and Richardson could be it but there will be others too. Draft a QB this year and if he doesn't impress then the next year has the USC kid but if he is as good as advertised he will be difficult to get and expensive.

Holmes is excellent and I'd like to see him make more deals, look at what Howie Roseman did with the Eagles using a draft pick to add talent and pick up more picks which resulted in a high pick this year. Holmes is probably the best talent evaluator in Lions history so the more picks the better.

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