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Lions beat the Packers! Join the Pride Of Detroit postgame show


Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

Chaos, embodied and made terror. But a win is a got-dang win and the Detroit Lions finally hang on over the supremely hated Packers.

The Lions get off the schneid and banish Green Bay to the Shadow Realm, but it wasn’t done pretty. There’s so much to unpack. We will help you.

This game was a wreck of nerves of the highest order. We’re here to try to walk through the glass cases of emotions, all cracked and smashed. We’re here. We’re here and we’re streaming. Join us, we’ll have Q&A and postgame monologues and sound from Dan Campbell and key Lions players from the game.

If you missed any of the postgame show, video will be on demand on Twitch soon after. Plus, the Pride of Detroit podcast feed will have our postgame thoughts packaged in audio format for you.