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VIDEO: Best Dan Miller radio calls from Detroit Lions’ win over Green Bay Packers

Dan Miller radio calls enhance every Detroit Lions win experience, especially over the Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

The great thing about a Detroit Lions game is that the fun doesn’t stop after the game is over. As fans, we do not have to abide by the 24-hour rule—where players are encouraged to leave wins and losses behind them a day after the game.

No, instead, we get to enjoy looking back on the film, enjoy looking over high PFF grades, We eagerly await how high the Lions will go in power rankings, and hope we get some entertaining mic’d up segments from the team later in the week to enjoy the win in an entirely different way.

But perhaps my favorite way to recapture some of the fun of a win is when the Lions provide the best radio calls from play-by-play announcer Dan Miller. In a fun twist this season, the Lions have Dan Miller cam, which allows us to not only hear Miller’s enthusiasm as he calls the most exciting plays from the game, but we get to see his authentic emotion throughout Sunday.

It appears the Lions will only be sharing these videos after a Lions win, so cherish this week’s installment of “Calls of the Game” from Sunday’s upset over the Green Bay Packers.

Here are my favorite parts in no particular order.

  • Color commentator Lomas Brown’s reaction to the Packers failed trick play that resulted in an Aidan Hutchinson interception. For a good 20 seconds straight, he is just utterly confused by what transpired. The best is this shared moment with the radio broadcast’s spotter:
  • “Hey rookie! Welcome to Detroit! That’s your first NFL touchdown!”
  • T.J. Lang complaining about the delay of game on the Packers’ final play
  • “Incomplete. Ball game over. Boys, let’s get out of here!”

Watch the entire segment below: