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Saivion Smith says neck fusion surgery ‘went well’

After being taken off the field in an ambulance a few weeks ago, Lions DB Saivion Smith had successful neck fusion surgery on Tuesday.

NFL: OCT 09 Lions at Patriots Photo by M. Anthony Nesmith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Detroit Lions defensive back Saivion Smith had one of the scariest moments in the NFL this year, after collapsing to the ground early in the team’s Week 5 contest against the New England Patriots. He was unable to move or talk for several minutes before he was eventually stretchered off and taken from Gillette Stadium in an ambulance.

It was a terrible situation, as the game was supposed to be a momentous occasion, with Smith making his second career NFL start. His father was even in attendance and ended up coming down to the field to ride with Smith to a nearby hospital.

Thankfully, it’s been mostly good news since then. Smith quickly regained all mobile functions and eventually traveled back to Detroit with the team that night.

When the media caught up with Smith a few weeks later at the Lions facility, the Detroit defender recounted the “scariest moment of his life,” and explained he would require neck fusion surgery.

“I’m getting surgery on the eighth,” Smith said. “I’ll be down for like, probably five months. Like, rehab process five months, but I’ll be back by OTAs.”

On Tuesday, that surgery occurred, and Smith provided an update via social media:

That’s obviously great news, considering how scared Smith said he was of the surgery.

“Yeah, I’m nervous,” Smith said back in October. “It’s neck surgery. I’m nervous as hell. I ain’t never had no like real, hardcore surgery. But yeah, I ain’t never really had no like hardcore surgery. I had a scope done on my ankle but that was nothing serious, you know what I’m saying? No bones and repair and whatnot. But I feel like I’m gonna be alright, God-willing.”

Continue to get better, Saivion. We’ll see you at OTAs.