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Many fans believe Detroit Lions are a top-5 NFC team right now

A look at what you—the Detroit Lions fans—think about where the team stands in their own conference.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Junfu Han-USA TODAY Sports

Back on Tuesday, I asked the Pride of Detroit community a question: Given the Detroit Lions’ 5-1 streak and the fact that they’ve taken down a couple of playoff teams in the process (Giants, Vikings), where do they rank in the NFC? And where do they rank in the NFL?

Later that day, we got our answers from some national outlets. In our Week 15 NFL power rankings, a couple writers put them as high as 10, but most still had them in the middle-of-the-pack range from 13-to-18.

But let’s see what you all had to say. Here are some of the most interesting responses from our Tuesday Question of the Day.

AnHonestMess broke things down into tiers:

NFC tier 1 teams - Dallas, San Fran, Philly

NFC tier 2 teams - Detroit, Seattle, Tampa, Green Bay

I’d have us at the top of tier 3 (so #4), but I would expect a real game out of any of those 3.

NFL tier 1 teams - Dallas, Philly, San Fran, Cincinnati, KC, Buffalo

NFL Tier 2 teams - Miami, Jets, New England, Baltimore, Detroit, Seattle, Tampa, Green Bay

I’d have us behind Miami, Jets, and NE, so #10.

NorthLion12 thinks Detroit is comfortably a top-four team in the NFC, but rightfully points out how dangerous the San Francisco 49ers look:

I have us behind Philly, San Fran, and Dallas. The team that scares me are the Niners. Even on their third string QB they have all the other parts to succeed.

A dominant O Line, an outstanding defence, and an efficient and flexible offence. Losing Deebo for a few weeks is going to hurt, but they still have Kittle and McCaffery to lean on. And that third string QB? He looks pretty good BTW.

TreeF!rty took some time to reflect on how we even got into this conversation:

With the way the season started, it’s hard to believe we’re even considering top 5 talk within the conference and 10 amongst the entire NFL. Dan Campbell has our boys believing in themselves and that indeed is a powerful motivator. Playing some of these top teams to the wire where a play here or there could’ve been the difference also helps. Then there’s starting the season with a plethora of injuries forcing the defense to play handicapped for damn near half the season. We were starting players that in normal circumstances would’ve been eased into the line up as rotational players at best. Now these youngsters are starting to feel like they belong. With the return of some of our original starters, the youngsters are making it hard to send them back to the bench with the way they’ve improved. That’s a credit to our coaching staff that just pushed forward and gave us all a little faith in the next man up. Even if this season doesn’t finish like we all want it to, the team we have going forward looks to be a formidable opponent going into next year. For the first time in my 50 years of fandom I’m feeling confident that this momentum we’re currently experiencing is sustainable.

kevster thinks the Lions are a top-three team in the NFC:

Playing like we are right now there isn’t a team that we cant beat. The Eagles would still be very tough, as well as the 49ers. But I think if we got a shot at the Cowboys again we’d whoop that ass.

I say 3rd.

lionsfan2081 is a little more guarded in their projections:

I have us fifth in the NFC right now, Ill take Dallas, SF, Philly and Washington (close but they are hot and much better than earlier this year). I would have us below Bills, Chiefs, Bengals, Phins, Jets (really close but their defense is elite) and Ravens in the AFC. So i guess i have them fifth in the NFC and 11th in the NFL.

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