Can't help myself

Despite the Lions finally playing meaningful football in December for the first time in a long while, I can't help but look to the future. I think about the draft and another round of free agency ( one where we should have some spending money) and can't help the excitement. The team has come a long way from 1-6, rookies and 2nd yr players are showing great promise. I think this is the staff (FO and coaching) us Lions fans were hoping for. That said, let's get into what I hope Holmes does heading into 2023.

In free agency I like what he's been doing with 1 yr deals but now with the young core becoming established, I'd like to see him go after some bigger names. Positions to address in FA: Get a top vet LB, we need a good vet presence on this defense. Looking around I don't see one. DT replace Brockers with a mid level guy who costs half as much yet is 2x better. Other than that I'd say resign guys who deserve it and cut those who don't for cap space.

Mock draft

Rd 1 pick 3: Jalen Carter DT Georgia. He would immediately make this Dline a force for us. Opposing teams will no longer be able to key on Hutchinson. He also helps McNeil clamp down the middle, good luck running on us. Other option would be Anderson but I prefer Carter. If Bryce Young is available I'd be for taking him ( I'm not a good judge of college QBs tho)

Rd1 pick 13: Bijon Robinson RB Texas. I am not someone who likes taking an RB this early but this guy is a beast and I think could be the cherry on top of this already good offense. Imagine Jamo taking the top off a defense with Amon Ra tearing it up on short/intermediate routes, the defense can't afford to put enough guys in the box against Robinson.

Rd2 first choice: Clark Phillips CB Utah. There's a chance he gets drafted earlier than this because he has been a ball hawk this year but his size (listed at 5'10") could push him down the board. Need someone across from Okudah and he very well could be the guy.

Rd 2 second choice: give me the best LB or G available.

Rd3 If a guy like Hendon Hooker has fallen this far I think it'd be foolish not to give him a shot. This far in the draft if he turns out to not work out then you have a backup QB who has to be better than current. If he does workout cool you have a dual threat QB for cheap. Of course he is basically redshirted his rookie yr with the ACL tear.

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