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Over 80% of fans think the Detroit Lions are making the playoffs

Here’s a look at what Detroit Lions fans are saying about the team’s playoff chances.

NFL: DEC 18 Lions at Jets Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Tuesday, we asked Pride of Detroit readers a very simple question: Will the Detroit Lions make the playoffs?

Currently, the Lions are ninth in the NFC, but have an even record with the eighth team (Seattle Seahawk) and are just a half-game behind the seven-seeded Washington Commanders. Considering the Lions have the second-easiest schedule remaining, and they’re a red-hot team that has won six of their last seven games, the probabilities seem high. Depending on your favorite probability model, the analytics community has Detroit’s shot at the postseason 42.6 percent or 40 percent or 36 percent.

Unsurprisingly, confidence is much higher among the Lions faithful—much, much higher. In our poll, a whopping 82 percent of you—including myself—voted that you think the Detroit Lions will indeed make the playoffs.

But let’s look beyond the numbers and check out some of our favorite arguments in the comment section:

steve52 is drinking the Kool Aid:

I voted yes. The way they are playing right now, they are a better team than any of their remaining opponents. They beat Minnie, they hammered the Jags, who it turns out are pretty good, and they beat the Jets and their excellent defense on the road, outside. They took the Bills to the wire. Most importantly, they believe in themselves.

LogicalFallacy was one of the 18 percent who voted ‘No.’ Here’s why:

I am one of the 20% that thinks the answer is no. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s what I think.

I would put the Lions probabilities of winning their next three games at 70% at Carolina, 70% against Chicago, 50% at Green Bay. That would put the odds of going 3-0 at 24.5%, 2-1 at 45.5% and 1-2 or worse at 30%.

If the Lions go 3-0, they’re in, but if they don’t, I think they miss. Now that the Eagles and Cowboys are all but locked into their playoff seeds, they have nothing to play for. That’s bad news for the Lions because we need them to beat the Giants and Washington, respectively. It seems too unlikely that the Washington and the Giants will be gifted those wins, and yet still lose enough games to fall behind a Lions team that goes 1-2.

So it’s 3-0 or bust, and bust seems more probable.

afanforlife is a Giants fan who stopped by and had some nice things to say about the Lions:

Giants fan here. Detroit is the team I fear most leaping over the Giants and potentially knocking us out. While I think we CAN beat the Vikes it is not a certainty for sure. Who knows what Colts team shows up against us and Philly even resting starters has a good back up in MInshew and many starters will still have to play and they are really good and I despise them more than you despise GB. I think you have a very real chance of going 3-0. If the Giants are in I am pulling for you to make it, I like the way you play and I love your coach.

Big.AL had some grounded analysis of where the Lions are at:

I think the opportunity to make the playoffs will present itself. 100%.
If the Lions win out, they will make the playoffs.
What I am unsure of, is whether the Lions can keep stacking wins.
The run game has floundered.
The pass defense is still bad.
The team keeps finding ways to win, but it’s tough when you aren’t playing good, clean, sharp football.
I don’t think this team is good enough to win three more games that way.
Now, if they get their act together, stop being so messy, and manage to run the ball well and incorporate DeAndre Swift and Amon Ra St. Brown the way they did earlier in the year, I think they can win six in a row.
It’s going to be a real testament to Dan Campbell if he can get sharp play out of this team down the stretch

NorthLion12 lays out what a successful season it has already been, despite how it finishes:

I was the second vote and it is a unanimous YES!

The Lions will win out and get the sixth seed in the playoffs. I know this is a hopeful and optimistic take, but I can honestly say that the Lions have achieved virtually all the qualitative goals for the season that I identified;

1. Determine if Goff is the long term QB. This is very close to being a slam dunk.

2. Sort through the CB options available and priority for 2023. Lions need help here. A lot of help.

3. Sort through the D Line personnel. DEs look very good (Hutch, Houston, Romeo, Cominsky) with Paschal still a question mark. DTs are okay, but need depth and upgrade starter quality.

4. Play and improve the play of the young players. Resounding success here. Most first and second year guys have steadily improved their play over the season, both individually and as a unit and team.

5. Performance of the team to improve through the season. Check.

I called for nine wins to classify the season as a success, and they are almost there. Playoffs will be a bonus, but a valuable one to test this team on the road against a very good team under pressure.

TomRem made their return after being away from the site and provided this hopeful message:

Been awhile since I posted. Like years. Its hard to believe its been 6 years since weve had meaningful football this late in the season.

This feels different, I have refrained from saying that since Dan Campbell took over cause as Lions fans, how many times have we heard it?

This time I *feel* it. I dont have to be told. I hope they do make the playoffs, only the 2nd team to start 1-6 and make it. Ill take it. I am also not a Goff lover. He has earned the right, as long as he doesnt fall apart through the end of the season, to have another year. And it gives the team extra draft picks to fill everything else out.

This is how a team should be built. And I am welcoming all the extra coverage. At first it felt odd, but the Lions deserve it. Im pretty sure they will win out, and if they do, they deserve that spot. And id hate to be the team that has to play them.

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