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Lions vs. Bears 5 Qs preview: What’s different about Chicago this time around?

A look at how the Chicago Bears are different from the team the Detroit Lions faced just seven weeks ago.

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Here we go. Round two of the Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears heavyweight brawl. There’s a lot more at stake in this one, yet things couldn’t be more different for both teams. The Lions are playing for a shot to make it into the playoffs, and the Bears are currently in play for the number one pick in the NFL Draft.

Don’t think the Bears will lay down in this one, though. They should very much be looking to playing spoiler in this game against a division rival. What’s different about this Bears team this time around? We got in touch with Patti Curl from Windy City Gridiron to find out. Here’s what she had to say:

1. The Bears are on their way to a top three pick. Which way will the Bears go in the upcoming draft?

“I think the Bears will look to trade back if they get a decent offer. Other than that, I would imagine they are looking at either Will Anderson or Jalen Carter. There’s not a (non-QB) offensive player that has value close to them and (Bears GM Ryan) Poles demonstrated last draft that he’s not going to reach for offense if the value isn’t there.”

2. What’s different about this Bears team since the last time the Lions and Bears met up?

“They have a number of important injuries, and their quarterback is playing better. Key missing pieces on the defense right now are Eddie Jackson and Jack Sanborn, who was playing a key role well when he got injured despite being an undrafted rookie. On offense, all of the receivers and offensive linemen are injured to some degree. Justin Fields manages to make some kind of magic every game, but the 30-point streak they were on seems like a distant memory at this point.”

3. If you had to equate the 2022 Bears season to a real bear, what kind of bear would it be?

“A young grizzly who is not the fattest at the river but defends their fishing spot well enough to keep the other bears at bay. The bigger bears have started to show him respect, but ultimate he’s going into hibernation without as much fat as he’d like and hoping to have an early start fattening up next season.”

4. The Lions are 6-point favorites over the Bears at home. Are you taking that bet?

“I’m taking the bet that the Bears will get within 6 points of the Lions, sure. The Lions are looking good this year, but the Bears played a lot of their losses close and are ready to have a few bounces fall in their favor now that there’s little to play for.”

5. Who wins this thing?

“Bears fans are too excited about having a top two pick for them to keep it. I’m predicting they win out the season, and start by beating the better of the two teams they have left with Justin Fields leading final drive victory in a close game.”

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