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Report: Detroit Lions plan on playing Jameson Williams at gunner in debut vs. Jaguars

The Detroit Lions are reportedly planning on playing Jameson Williams on special teams in addition to offense in his debut. WOW.

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Not only is Detroit Lions first-round pick Jameson Williams expected to make his debut on offense Sunday vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars, but according to FOX insider Jay Glazer, Williams will also be getting some reps at gunner.

On FOX’s NFL pregame show, Glazer said Williams is expected to get some snaps on special teams this week.

“They’re not just going to play him on offense today, but they’re even going to play him some at gunner, which is really odd for a guy coming off an ACL injury,” Glazer said. “Yeah, at gunner. He’s going to be limited, because they think he’s really going to help them in two phases of that team.”

That would be a pretty surprising decision for such a valued player in their NFL debut. However, Lions staff have raved about how well Williams did in that role at Alabama.

“He’s got some damn good gunner tape out there in the SEC,” general manager Brad Holmes said back in September. “He’s got some good return tape out there in the SEC, so we’ll have some options.”

This would be a pretty bold move, if true. We’ll have to see if the Lions truly plan on going through with this.

That being said, Williams is an aggressive player and a speed threat. Just check out what he did in the Iron Bowl last year as a gunner:

The fellas on the FOX broadcast, however, are skeptical of the move and critical of the Lions coaching staff. You can view the segment below:

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