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Thursday open thread: How do you expect the Super Bowl to play out?

Hopefully Sunday will be yet another competitive final game.

NFL: LVI Super Bowl-Stadium and Field Preparation Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This postseason will be one remembered for a long time, full of legendary finishes and perhaps the birth of a new generation of stars. After all four Divisional Round games came down to the final play, the Conference Championship games did not disappoint, with both the Bengals and Rams coming out with three-point victories.

Now, attention turns to the grand finale, which will hopefully come down to another dramatic ending. We have been spoiled lately with Super Bowls, as basically every game since the Seahawks’ demolishing of the Broncos had been close until the Buccaneers win over the Chiefs last year. Getting an instant classic this weekend would cap off an amazing month of football.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

How do you expect the Super Bowl to play out?

My answer: Given that neither participant was a top team in their conference heading into the playoffs, Sunday could bring the unexpected. However, it is clear that both sides have weaknesses, which means that this one could come down to the wire as hoped. Though the Rams are favorites on paper, their victory is far from guaranteed.

That is because the strength of this Cincinnati team is clearly the passing game, meaning no deficit is out of reach (as we saw in their comeback win against Kansas City). Even if Los Angeles builds a lead, Joe Burrow and company have the firepower to put up points quickly. Of course, Lions fans are well aware of Matthew Stafford’s ability to stage a late-game comeback as well, so I have to think this game will not be won until the very end.

Your turn.