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Super Bowl 2022 Madden simulation: Los Angeles Rams vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Let’s simulate The Big Game before The Big Game.

It’s officially Super Bowl weekend, which means it’s both time to prepare for the six months of offseason ahead, and it’s time to get hyped about the biggest sports spectacle in American sports.

That’s right, it’s Madden simulation time! Everyone’s favorite football event of the year!

On Saturday morning, I’m going to fire up Madden 22, take my hands off the sticks, and see whether the Los Angeles Rams or Cincinnati Bengals win the virtual game. It’s all simulated, but it’s very scientific. You see, the ones and zeros line up on one side and battle the ones and zeros on the other side and run into each other until a winner is decided. You wouldn’t get it.

Anyways, if you want to watch along, place some Channel Point wagers, discuss the latest Detroit Lions news, or even get a sneak peek at the video of our Aidan Hutchinson interview, come join us at 10:30 a.m. ET over on our Twitch channel (or you can just watch at the bottom of this page).

Here’s all the info you need:

What: Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl 56 Madden sim
When: Saturday, February 12 — 10:30 a.m. ET
Where: Our Twitch channel — (or watch below)