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Are Detroit Lions fans rooting for Matthew Stafford in the Super Bowl?

Let’s put this topic to bed after an exhaustive month.

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams Practice & Media Day Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

We survived it, y’all.

It’s been well over a month of Matthew Stafford talk despite the fact that he’s been gone from the Detroit Lions for over a year. This isn’t me complaining. Lord knows I had a big hand in all of the discussion. I’ve made it pretty clear that I remain a Matthew Stafford fan for life, and while there are people in Detroit who feel very differently than me, it’s clear the former Lions quarterback being in the Super Bowl a year after requesting his trade from Detroit is local news that people care about.

Has it been run into the ground by now? Well, I think the emergence of the Detroit Rams t-shirts is a pretty clear sign that, yes, some of us have taken things a little far. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re one of the people who bought one of those shirts, you do you. But it seems a little much for even a self-proclaimed Stafford fanboy like me.

But just because the conversation surrounding Stafford has borderlined on obnoxious over the past month doesn’t mean I’ll be rooting any less for him on Sunday night. Over his 12 years of fighting through injury, being a complete professional despite years of losing and losing, giving back to the Detroit community, standing up for social justice, being the best quarterback in Lions history, and providing some unforgettable memories on the field, I am a Matthew Stafford fan. And despite what some gatekeeping fans will tell you, that is not mutually exclusive with being a fan of the Detroit Lions.

Draft position never really mattered all that much this postseason, not because I don’t think there is a difference between Pick 19 and 32. There absolutely is... and potentially a big one. It didn’t matter to me, because I actually have confidence in this organization right now. I have confidence that Dan Campbell can establish a much different culture in Detroit than we’ve seen in years. I’m confident in the rest of the coaching staff getting the most out of these players and putting them in the best situations to succeed. And while I think general manager Brad Holmes still has the most to prove of the bunch, I’m feeling pretty good after his first draft yielded two potential blue-chip players. I have confidence in the future of this franchise for the first time in a long time, and the difference between 19 and 32 isn’t going to shake that confidence.

Of course, draft position doesn’t factor too much into the equation anymore. It’s Pick 31 or Pick 32. If your issue with rooting for Stafford was that it wasn’t in the best interest for the Lions—a perfectly rational take—you’re pretty much in the clear on Sunday if you want to back the former Lions quarterback. Or, perhaps, the bombardment of Stafford takes over the past month has soured you on the idea completely.

Either way, I’m curious how you all are feeling on this Super Bowl Sunday.


Are you rooting for Matthew Stafford in the Super Bowl?

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