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What did we learn from Super Bowl 56?

The PODcast crew recaps the Super Bowl, talks about Matthew Stafford’s performance, looks at how each team built a winner, and looks forward to the Lions’ offseason.

NFL: FEB 13 Super Bowl LVI - Bengals v Rams Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Super Bowl is over and the Los Angeles Rams are champions. And as we do every year after a winner is crowned, we all ponder if they’re the shining example of how to build and NFL team. We tend to overreact and suggest that may be the only proper way to team build, but the Rams are an interesting case.

Much has been made about how Los Angeles went “all in” this year, trading for Matthew Stafford, and adding both Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. mid-season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers—last year’s Super Bowl winner—similarly built a “superteam” around Tom Brady. Is this just how things work in the NFL these days? Could the Detroit Lions even put off adding a franchise quarterback and then aggressively pursue an established guy like these franchises did?

Or is there more to how the Rams built their team? Despite the narrative of spending money and draft picks acquiring other team’s talented players, many of their most talented players were drafted on their own. Heck, two of Sunday’s best performers—MVP Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald—were huge scores for the Rams in the draft.

This is all the main topic on this week’s PODcast, recorded late on Valentine’s Day, because we love you guys so much.

Of course, we also talk about the Cincinnati Bengals, and if they will be back to the Super Bowl anytime soon. And, yes, there is plenty of Stafford talk. We’re sorry and/or your welcome.

To cap off the show, we peek at the offseason ahead for the Lions. Are they going to have another modest free agency, or will general manager Brad Holmes break open the vault and go on a spending spree. What positions do the Lions need to target in free agency, and which positions appear to be the deepest?

We answer all of that and so much more on this week’s PODcast.

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