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6 predictions for the Detroit Lions offseason

Looking ahead to some of the big decision the Lions will make this offseason.

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The Detroit Lions feel like they’re set to have themselves a busy offseason full of things to get done. I’m going to predict six of the things they’re going to do. They’ve already completed Senior Bowl week, decided on a “new” offensive coordinator, and it won’t be long before we’re talking about the NFL Combine at the end of the month. Plus, free agency is literally one month away from today.

So let’s get into it. Here are six things I think the Lions will do this offseason.

Marcus Williams will sign with the Lions

Let’s predict some free agents. First up is Saints safety Marcus Williams. Aaron Glenn may have not gotten the Saints head coaching job, but he could walk away with a pretty good consolation prize in Williams. The Lions are in need of a safety and Williams is the top option for them. At just 25, Williams is one of the best safeties in the league. He spent all but one of year of his career under the tutelage of Glenn and Dan Campbell in New Orleans. My prediction is that the Lions bring him and his 80.1 PFF grade over to Detroit to pair with Tracy Walker. who I believe they’ll also re-sign.

The Lions use free agency to find their receiver instead of the draft

Don’t get me wrong, the Lions will probably draft a receiver or two in the draft in April, but I’m predicting they get their starter in free agency. There are a lot of options there. The Lions could bring Allen Robinson home for a redemption year, they can bring in Michael Gallup or they can unsuccessfully take a shot at signing Davante Adams.

The name the Lions should be focused on, in my opinion, is Buccaneers receiver Chris Godwin. Now that Tom Brady has retired, it’s time to get out of Tampa Bay if you’re a free agent. For Godwin, it’s time to go somewhere and be a team’s number one receiver. That place can be Detroit. Godwin can play inside and outside and the Lions should definitely be calling his agent in March.

The Lions retain all the free agents they want to keep

Seems different, right? Maybe you’re used to seeing players leave the Lions. Not this year. I’m predicting the Lions have no problems keeping guys like Tracy Walker, Jalen Reeves-Maybin and Charles Harris in Detroit. The culture the Lions coaching staff has done enough to make these guys happy and it’s done enough to give these guys the best year of their careers. That kind of thing does go a long way. The Lions do have money as well. That also tends to help in these situations.

The Lions will trade picks

Brad Holmes did an interview during Senior Bowl week saying that the Lions are open for business when it comes to hearing offers on trading picks. I don’t think Holmes was talking to hear his own voice. I think the Lions are definitely open for business and they’re going to sell some stuff. By stuff, I mean picks. If the Lions were ever going to trade down from two, this would be the time. There are a few teams with multiple first round picks that could make things interesting for the Lions. The Lions could also trade up to go after a quarterback if they think a certain one might fall. By the way...

The Lions are going to try to draft Malik Willis

There’s a lot of gun jumping going on with Willis right now. Even I’m in on it, and I’ve been rallying against drafting a quarterback for a while. Liberty’s Malik Willis is had himself a week in Mobile. The Lions said some awfully flattering things about Willis that week. It’s like that Reese Witherspoon movie where she falls in love in Alabama. I’m predicting the Lions are going to try to draft Malik Willis.

The Lions are going to draft a tight end

Every prediction can’t be sexy. Sometimes they’re just standard old predictions. The Lions are in need of a tight end to play on the other side of T.J. Hockenson, and they have some options in this year’s draft. Two options to focus on were on the Lions Senior Bowl squad. Michigan State’s Connor Hayward—who could also serve as the team’s fullback—and Coastal Carolina’s Isaiah Likely. Both bring different types of styles to the Lions offense. Hayward is more a block first guy that can make a play in a pinch, and Likely is an athletic playmaker. I’m predicting the Lions walk away from April’s draft with one of these guys.

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