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Thursday open thread: What is the future for Jared Goff?

Nearly every possibility remains open for the current Lions quarterback.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

The 2022 offseason is unlikely to be as eventful for the Detroit Lions as 2021 was, but there are still plenty of open questions for the front office as the regime prepares for year two. Now that the Super Bowl is over, the offseason can truly start in full, especially since the Lions finally know exactly where their additional first round pick will land.

Chief among the open questions is what to do at the quarterback position, where Jared Goff is coming off a season that was far from elite. The former Ram was 17th in passer rating and 24th in QBR, while Pro Football Focus graded him just 29th in the league. The Lions have draft capital, meaning Goff’s role in Detroit is far from secure.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

What is the future for Jared Goff?

My answer: There are quite a few ways this situation could play out. One route would be for the team to draft a quarterback — likely with pick 32 or 34 — and have that player sit for (at least most of) the year behind Goff before taking the reins. From there, the Lions would probably move on from him, where the veteran could then compete as an incoming free agent somewhere else.

The odds of Detroit replacing Goff as a Day 1 starter seem low; the second-overall pick is too high to use on a Day 1 starter at quarterback in this draft class, and Goff’s cap hit means he is highly likely to be on the roster this fall anyway. While the team could always trade down, there are too many holes to fill elsewhere to warrant taking a signal caller so high.

I actually think the Lions will not draft a quarterback at all this spring (or not until Day 3 at the earlier) and give the incumbent another shot. Goff was far from perfect in his Detroit debut, but looked better once he was given a little more talent. That warrants another opportunity in 2022, especially since the team will have plenty of picks next year to repeat this process if needed.

Your turn.