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2021 Detroit Lions awards: Pride of Detroit Moment of the Year

Our staff shares their favorite moment from a banner year here at Pride of Detroit.

If you could forgive the navel gazing for a minute, we’d like to review the year we had here at Pride of Detroit. Sure, most sites tend to do that—you know—around the actual turn of the year, but considered the NFL season now crosses over New Years, it’s a little difficult to find time to review all of the work we put into the 2021 season.

Again, it felt like we made terrific strides in 2021. As we continue our journey through Lions media, we’re trying to elevate the content we bring to you every year, whether it be more interviews with players and coaches, in-depth analysis, or just a one-stop shop for literally any of your Lions needs. We’re also always trying to expand the community aspect of our site, whether it means our continuing Community Mock Draft series, expanding our fan interaction via our Discord Page or Twitch live chats.

It truly feels like we’re building something special here, so without further ado, here are our selections for 2021 Pride of Detroit Moment of the Year.

Previous awards:

So without further ado, here are our choices for 2021 Pride of Detroit Moment of the Year.

2021 Pride of Detroit Moment of the Year

Kellie Rowe: Movember Charity Drive

John Whiticar: Dunking on the Packers after their playoff loss

While this moment itself isn’t Pride of Detroit related, the fallout of Green Bay’s meltdown in the playoffs has got to be my favorite site-related moment. The collective dunking on the Packers and Aaron Rodgers brought me more joy than any victory did this season – just look at this collection of tweets. Rodgers has legitimately gone from beloved by Packers fans to an annoyance that needs removing. If this was the last hurrah of Rodgers in Green Bay, it was one hell of a note to go out on.

Erik Schlitt: 15-hour charity marathon

The entire month of Movember was inspiring, as POD Editor and Chief Jeremy Reisman spearheaded fundraising events to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). There was loads of original content to be had throughout the 30 days, but the culminating 15-hour charity podcast/stream was next level. Beat writer interviews, Draft talk with several experts, Fortnite with Graham Glasgow, and even The Voice of the Lions, Dan Miller stopped by. And Lions fans showed up in a big way. Behind a massive amount of generosity, POD was able to raise an insane $20,000 for these charities, and that is something to seriously be proud of.

Mike Payton: 15-hour charity marathon

The 15 hour charity marathon was an absolute blast. We had all kinds of great guests and raised a ton of money for good causes. That day really showed how great the Lions fan base is.

Ryan Mathews: Movember charity drive

The November charity drive was a time I was truly touched by the generosity and support of our awesome community at Pride of Detroit. What we can do when we come together is an awe-inspiring thing, and I can’t possibly thank everyone enough for being a part of it. Whether you donated, subscribed, followed, whatever, if you were here, you were a part of doing some real good. Again, thank you.

Morgan Cannon: 15-hour charity marathon

Shoutout to Jeremy and the rest of the team for this, but I have to go with the 15 hour charity marathon and all of the money Pride of Detroit raised for RAINN, the biggest anti-sexual violence organization in America. That was awesome to witness.

Chris Perfett:

I’ll hijack this moment to just say thank you to our community. I came out about a painful chapter in my life last year prior to the draft, and the outpouring of support I received was something that genuinely moved me. It was hard to process. In spite of yelling at a microphone, I’m an exceedingly private person, and sometimes far more quiet and reserved when I get away from a computer. I am not used to people being in my corner. Still, it was a pain I couldn’t really contain anymore, and for what it was worth, it was a far better result when I spoke my piece than I anticipated. Thank you for everything.

Hamza Baccouche: Movember charity drive

Jeremy does so much good here and I honestly can’t keep track of all the different philanthropic things he orchestrates here at POD, but I remember y’all making him drink mozz sticks milkshakes amid blowing the roof off of the charity goals we set at the start of the fundraiser, and for that, I applaud you. You guys are the best.

Jeremy Reisman:

I’m going to cheat here and list all of my favorite moments from last year in an effort to show gratitude for what was a groundbreaking year for the site and my career.

Duce Staley and the mustache — Just as we were all beginning to fall in love with the coaching staff the Lions assembled, Staley singled me out in my early mustache phase in a funny and unforgettable way.

The subsequent bleaching and dying of said mustache — As part of our 2020 charity drive, I agreed to dye my mustache blue. While bleaching it was a truly miserable experience, I think it was worth it for the reveal of the blonde mustache:

And the blue mustache:

Adding Erik Schlitt to the staff — For several years, I admired Erik’s work from afar. Not only does his immense knowledge of the sport jump out of the page, but his organizational skills and writing acumen allow for easy digestion of sometimes complicated topics. When he was credentialed with Lions Wire, and we met in person, it was clear—at least to me—that we’d be working together at some point in some fashion. When a position cleared up, I wasted no time in shooting my shot to get Erik here, and he has been everything I expected over the past year. Now, for the first time in site history, we have two credentialed members on staff.

Joining Herman Moore’s and Lomas Brown’s show —

I had met the two in passing during my time at Allen Park, but when they approached me to join their show I was truly humbled. Those two have a fantastic dynamic and it was an honor just to be a part of it. I still have to snap out of my professional duties every now and then and remember how cool it is that Herman Moore and Lomas Brown know who I am.

Interviewing Barry Sanders — Another “pinch yourself” moment. Barry Sanders is the entire reason I’m a Lions fan, so to be able to sit down with him for 15 minutes is still something I have trouble wrapping my head around.

The overall generosity of our community — As everyone mentioned, the Movember charity drive was something I’ll never forget. Raising over $20,000 for two amazing charities is a huge accomplishment for our humble little site here. You all also sent me to Mobile for the Senior Bowl. I’m constantly in awe of the amount of people who reach out to me looking for ways they can support the site. And for that, I’m truly grateful.

Interviewing the always-entertaining Jamaal Williams... twice:

I don’t need to explain this one. The man is just a constant source of entertainment.

My favorite content for the site

No poll for this one. Just share your favorite moments in the comment section below.