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Wednesday open thread: Will the Lions receive a trade offer for the 2nd overall pick?

The Lions are holding a valuable draft pick, but in a class with questions at the top, will they be able to maximize its value?

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

We’re all going to entertain a plethora of hypothetical trade down options in the draft over the next two months. The Detroit Lions hold the second overall pick, a lucrative place to be. While we can discuss hypotheticals all day long, we also have to be realistic about whether there’s a chance a trade down is available.

Question of the day: Will the Lions receive a trade offer for the second overall pick?

My answer: I just don’t see it happening, as much as I would like it.

I’m a sucker for getting more draft picks, but looking at the draft order I don’t think it’s likely at all. Sitting below the Lions in the draft order are the Texans, Jets, Giants, Panthers, Giants again, Falcons, Broncos, and Jets again. That rounds out the top-10 picks. Of those teams, only the Broncos and possibly Falcons appear to be looking at drafting a QB.

The Texans seem to be optimistic about the future of Davis Mills (in addition to whatever plays out with Deshaun Watson), the Jets just drafted Zach Wilson, and it sounds like the Giants are going to give Danny Dimes at least a year under the new regime. The Panthers are where it gets interesting. Yes, they are poised for a change at quarterback. However, the writing is on the wall and the whole world knows it’s put up or shut up time for Matt Rhule. A make-or-break year is not the time to bet on a rookie quarterback.

The end of the list gets intriguing, as the Falcons likely aren’t going to win anything substantial in the remainder of Matt Ryan’s tenure the way things stand now. It’s a bit early for them to move on to a new quarterback, but it wouldn’t be too out of the blue if they loved a guy and wanted to sit him behind Matt Ryan for a year. The Broncos are also very certainly in search of a new quarterback, and the start of a new regime under offensive mastermind Nathaniel Hackett just screams quarterback.

The problem with those two is that the Falcons and Broncos sit at picks eight and nine, respectively. Making the jump to number two is not only somewhat unrealistic but also just unnecessary. It would cost a steep price, especially in a year when the quarterback crop isn’t that great.

Anything is possible, however. There’s also the possibility someone trades up to two for a non-quarterback, but I don’t feel like there are any truly game-changing prospects worth that in this draft. Nonetheless, when a team finds their guy, there’s no reason to hesitate. Do I see it happening? Not this year, unfortunately. But I’m happy to be proven wrong.


Will the Lions receive a trade offer for the 2nd overall pick?

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