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Introducing: Pride of Detroit Movie Night: ‘Goon’

Come watch one of the most underrated sports movies with us on Friday night.

Coronavirus - Cinema in Hamburg Photo by Georg Wendt/picture alliance via Getty Images

We here at Pride of Detroit are always looking for unique ways to reach and interact with our audience. We’ve held game nights, live events, expanded to YouTube and Twitch and even created a Discord room for further discussion outside of the comment section. One offseason, we even tried a book club.

Tonight—Friday, February 25 at 7:30 p.m. ET—we’re expanding to something completely different. We’re going to hold a movie night.

This is not entirely new for us. A couple years back, we held a movie night for the awesome Detroit Lions documentary “Heart of a Lions fan.”

This year, we’re going to be holding several movie nights, but we won’t be limiting ourselves to just Detroit Lions-related content. You may remember during our Movember charity drive that if you donated a certain amount, you could request a “watch party” on our Twitch channel. What that means is we’ll devote a night to streaming a movie (or TV show) of this person’s choice on Twitch. For legal sake, the media has to be part of Amazon Prime’s catalogue.

Tonight, one of our generous givers—Mottie2Hottie on Twitch— is cashing in their Watch Party for the underrated sports classic “Goon” starring Seann William Scott of “American Pie” fame. Here’s the trailer for the uninitiated.

So at 7:30 p.m. ET, I will start a broadcast and live stream the movie as you can watch along and talk in the chatroom simultaneously.

However, in order to watch along, there are a few things you need to do. Most importantly, you will only be able to watch along if you have an Amazon Prime account. Here’s the rest.

Watch Party instructions

  1. Create a free Twitch account
  2. Link your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account. Instructions on how to do so are here.
  3. Tune into on a computer, or via the Twitch iOS or Android app.

That’s it! See you tonight. You’ve gotta bring the Sour Patch Kids, though.

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