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What’s in store for the Lions offense under Ben Johnson?

Reacting to the newest offensive coordinator in Detroit.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Mark up Monday as a busy day for the Detroit Lions coaching staff, as Aaron Glenn seems set to return to Detroit as the defensive coordinator, Aubrey Pleasant receives interview requests in Minnesota and Ben Johnson takes the promotion to full-time offensive coordinator.

In fact, all that broke while we were trying to record the latest Pride of Detroit PODcast, so we had to keep resetting, retaking, and cramming new news into the mess. We even did a whole segment wondering about the future of the OC position for the Lions, only for Johnson to slide right in there. How inconsiderate; a surprise to be sure though.

That’s not all on the latest edition of our long-running audio offering. We put the final touches on Senior Bowl coverage, and break down just how much shine Auburn transfer quarterback Malik Willis is getting, and how much is real—or is it just hype from practices? We also touch on a few other players, including one EDGE prospect who may have just put himself on a radar and rose his own draft stock to the point where the Lions probably can’t pick him up at 31-32 anymore.

Also, Pro Bowl talk, I guess. How the hell do you even go about fixing this mess? We try our best, but it seems like most people just want the game dead. The Super Bowl can’t come fast enough.

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