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Is the move to primetime television harming the NFL Combine?

A growing rift between college athletes and the league puts into question the NFL’s priorities for the scouting event.

NFL: International Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine is the next target in the league’s push to extend their season as long as possible. Of course this has been part of the calendar for years, but now in the new decade the NFL is pushing more and more to make the combine part of your annual viewing experience. From pushing the events together or putting it all on primetime television to taking the event on the road like they did the draft, the league clearly wants the Underwear Olympics to be real.

On the latest Pride Of Detroit PODcast, we’re taking our stab at this latest entry to the NFL calendar. We’re previewing the combine, talking about what positional groups we want to see compete the most. We also discuss these aforementioned changes and how they could be detrimental to individual performances; and how the absence of guys like Matt Corral and the rise of individual college pro days underline a growing struggle between league and draft class.

We also have a reader mailbag to get to, and we sneak in some talk about the latest Michigan-based football team, the USFL Panthers, and what we expect out of the new football league and if it can even capture spring football when the XFL is on the road back.

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