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Sunday open thread: Should the Lions spend big on WR in free agency?

They have the money to do it.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

As free agency looms, the Detroit Lions are sitting pretty with an estimated sixth-most salary cap space available in the NFL. That should give them an opportunity to make a big splash signing if they wish to do so. A couple big names floating around at a big position of need are wide receivers Allen Robinson and Christian Kirk.

The idea of signing a top receiver in free agency and allowing the team to focus on other needs is enticing, and they could still draft a WR early and make the position a strength, but is it worth it when you consider the numbers involved?

Today’s Question of the Day is...

Should the Lions spend big on a WR in free agency?

My answer: No.

To me, the Lions would be better off signing a mid-tier free agent WR—someone like DJ Chark, for $5 or 6 million less a year—than spending potentially $15-16 million annually on someone like Allen Robinson. I don’t believe this team has the luxury right now of signing a top receiver during a rebuild while they are still trying to figure out their quarterback situation.

With most of the receivers in this free agency class already franchise-tagged or re-signed, the Lions aren’t going to find much value in signing a top WR. Teams will be desperate and overpay, and that’s not something they should be doing with as many holes they have on the roster. They should be focused on smaller/medium-sized signings for good value and then hope to hit big on another draft. Once they’re ready to compete, then I believe the big singings should come, but they’re still at least a year away from that.


Should the Lions spend big at receiver in free agency?

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