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Notes: Jeff Okudah shows tremendous rehab progress in workout video

Could this year be the year?

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Jeff Okudah’s latest workout video may inspire many Detroit Lions fans to get excited about the cornerback finally getting to show what he’s made of.

Between a bumpy, injury-plagued rookie campaign followed by a season-ending Achilles tear in the very first game of 2021, Okudah has been on the sidelines more of often than not. But in the offseason just before his third year on the team, he released a video perhaps hoping to prove he's on the right track.

Okudah is working with Oliver Davis II, a trainer with Sweet Feet Sports Performance and a defensive backs specialist, per his profile. The Lions are hopeful Okudah will be good to go by training camp.

A.J. Terrell was selected 16th overall by the Atlanta Falcons and was the third cornerback drafted in 2020 — the first being Okudah at No. 3 and the other being C.J. Henderson at No. 9. I did some digging and I’m not exactly sure what Davis means — Terrell didn’t suffer a big injury, and he had a stellar rookie and sophomore season. But as Atlanta Falcons team writer Tori McElhaney explains: “Looking back, the Falcons decision to draft Terrell out of Clemson with their first round pick in the 2020 Draft was a decision met with questions from the fan base. There was a very loud contingency that saw the pick as a waste, a flop.”

So that’s perhaps where he’s drawing the comparison — many thought using the Lions third pick on a cornerback was a mistake. Regardless, it’s good to know Davis is working with a player who’s looking pretty good.

And onto the rest of your notes.

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