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Turns out the Detroit Lions have just 8 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft

The NFL made an error—twice—and it turns out the Detroit Lions do not have a seventh-round pick.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Annie Barker / USA TODAY NETWORK

The NFL has put out two official memos listing the official 2022 NFL Draft order for all seven rounds: one a month ago, and the other an updated version posted earlier this week. In both of those memos, the NFL listed the Detroit Lions with nine current selections in the upcoming draft.

Turns out both of those official memos were inaccurate. As first reported by The Athletic’s Denver Broncos writer Nick Kosmider and quickly corroborated by Lions reported Chris Burke, the Lions actually only have eight picks in the NFL Draft.

The selection in question is Pick 234—the Lions’ lone seventh-round pick. Originally it was believed the Lions traded away this pick to Denver as part of the deal that brought wide receiver Trinity Benson to Detroit. However, when the initial NFL memo was sent out, reporters scrambled to try to explain why the Lions still had the pick. It was revealed that the seventh-round pick was conditional, but it was still believed the conditions were met.

Ultimately it turns out the simplest solution was the correct one: The NFL simply messed up. That pick no longer belongs to Detroit.

So here are the official updated picks for the Lions in 2022:

  1. Round 1, Pick 2
  2. Round 1, Pick 32 (via Rams)
  3. Round 2, Pick 2, 34th overall
  4. Round 3, Pick 2, 66th overall
  5. Round 3, Pick 33, 97th overall (compensatory pick)
  6. Round 5, Pick 34, 177th overall (compensatory pick)
  7. Round 6, Pick 2, 181st overall
  8. Round 6, Pick 39, 217th overall (compensatory pick)

Update your mock drafts accordingly.

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